HR Certifications – Key Role in Landing You An Interview Call

Certification is one of the simplest forms to obtain practical knowledge of the subject matter and since the inception, there are thousands of different certifications currently being offered in the field of Arts, Sciences & Technology. One of the most certification offering fields is the Information Technology as there are multiple certification programs in the shelf and in order to succeed in any area of the field, a person must obtain a certification. The certifications not only provide the person with some sort of physical proof to show the world but also update the skills and knowledge of a person and are backed by the relevant competent authorities which help in overcoming a barrier of eligibility. To give you an idea of what are the things that professionals look for when they make a decision to call candidates for the interview? And what are the factors on the basis of which they called them? Here, in this article, we have a detailed explanation and tips about how a person related to the specific field of human resources management can land an interview call using a simple method or how an HR certification can help in doing that.

Human resources field has grown enormously over the years and the methods of recruitment and selection which are indeed one of the most important tasks of every human resources department changed significantly. Since the influx of technologies, many things in the field of human resources management have changed especially the methods and the processes as some of them which were used to be done by professionals are now being done using software and automated machines. Around the world, we have several examples and success stories from first world countries but we have been asked and suggested repetitively on several occasions to share some of the examples related to the underdeveloped countries such as in the South Asian region. In South Asia, Pakistan is one of the fastest emerging markets as multiple professionals and resource persons related to the field of human resources management are contributing with their skills and expertise.

In Pakistan there is some of the toughest competition present in the job market in all of South Asia as the unemployment ratio of the country is on the highest ever level, job opportunities in Pakistan are very limited due to low GDP growth and mismanagement by the government. Educated lot of Pakistani citizens often complains about the lack of employment opportunities in the market, the initial interview calling percentage is also quite low as the very limited number of applications are entertained even for the initial interview step by the employers or human resources department of the Pakistani companies. To keep up with the market requirements, professionals and graduates of the human resources field are looking to get some sort of HR certification in Pakistan to add up value or boost up their profile so that they could have a chance of getting a call for an interview.

So, what are the key points that every human resources department professionals check and sort out the profile of applicants based on that? Following are the points that an employer or the human resources department professionals look for when going through the profiles before making an interview call;

  • The number of relevant certifications on profile catches the eye of human resources department professional.
  • The quality of certifications on the personal profile and their relevance to the position to which the person is applying for.
  • The presentation of work experience on the profile matters as how the person is presenting itself on the profile has an impact on the human resources professionals and compel them to place a call.

Well, the first thing that catches their eyes is the level of relevant experience the applicant possesses. One of the most effective thing and eye-catching part is the number of relevant certifications an applicant has on its profile.

Organizational development is one of the key topics of human resources management as every organization`s growth is somehow linked to how an organizational culture is maintained in the organization. There are several advantages to an organization if they provide their human resources department professionals with the learning opportunities such as certification programs. A certified professional developed key skills and easily understand what are the organization and the workforce requirements and act accordingly. For example, if there is a need to assess the existing strategies or to modify it. Maintaining positive work environment, employee motivation level, and their performance is indeed a challenge and it is human resources professionals’ responsibility to keep a check on all of these things. Higher turnover ratio tends to impact the organization and put a negative image on the market as it shows that there is something wrong in the organization on the basis of which employee do not prefer to stick around with the organization. It is every organization`s human resources department responsibility to keep checking whether the employees are satisfied with their job or is there any issue and act accordingly in order to resolve that.

If we look closely at the current market we can see that there are multiple institutes awarding HR certifications and professionals are opting for these programs way more than before as now market trends have changed quite a lot. One of the major reasons why professionals and graduates are looking to get the certifications in the field of human resources management is the greater chances of landing an interview call. HR certification in Pakistan can be easily obtained within significantly fewer expenses as compared to the formal degree program where people also have to invest a lot more time.

So, what is the special thing in certifications that compel the employer to place a call? The most important benefit or advantage certification gives to a person is the relevant knowledge with the updated set of skills and information. The most updated form of knowledge normally takes times to become part of the degree program curriculum whereas in certification program it happens quickly as the certification awarding institutes are keen on updating their courses with the latest information. Employers and human resources professionals know that employees with certifications are more efficient than the ones without it as by getting a certification, a person can easily understand the complexity and challenges they face in their routine work and how can they effectively handle all of it. Managing the workload efficiently and deliver projects on time is also important as doing it gives greater confidence to the clients and this skill can easily get through a certification program. When it comes to organizational performance, productivity is the major factor that decides whether the organization is progressing or not. In order to obtain maximum benefit, a person must have key skills that are necessary for the professional development of a person. Human resources professionals around the world emphasize that each and every person of the field need to keep on updating their knowledge through continuous learning and what better way to update it other than the certification programs.

HR certifications in Pakistan are getting wide-scale acceptance and the numbers of certified professionals are increasing every day as people are noticing the importance of certification in a career as a professional. So, if a person is thinking about getting an HR certification in Pakistan then what are the options that a person have in terms of choice? Well, there are multiple types programs related to HR certification in Pakistan such as the CHRP (Certified Human Resources Professional) which is one of the most common types of certification in the field of human resources management.

The SHRM (Society for human resources management) emphasize that the HR certification is essential for the professional growth as organizations around the world gives preference to those employees with certification in terms or promotion or career growth as certification is the most valued credential after the formal degree program. So, after reading this article you must have a pretty good idea of how an HR certification can help in landing you an interview call. It also depends on the presentation skills as even if a person has multiple certifications and lots of work experience but fails to properly put it on the profile or Resume then there is no point of those certifications. Many people who do land an interview opportunity often fails to secure an offer as they somehow are not able to justify their skills and knowledge level during the interview. It is important to be well prepared for the interview and must obtain the necessary tips like what is the right way to answer during the interview and how to present the experience and credentials. It is a fact that landing an interview is difficult but it is not impossible as hundreds of thousands of people are joining companies every now and then and if they are able to land a call and interview and anyone can but it is important to keep in mind the key points.