The Rising Demand for CHRP Certifications Worldwide!

CHRP stands for certified human resources professional. It is one of the most important and globally recognized certifications for human resources professionals. At one point in time, CHRP started in Canada as a requirement for people who wanted to work in the human resources profession in Canada

Currently there is a rise in CHRP certification worldwide. More and more people want to be CHRP certified specially in the USA. Some of the other countries where CHRP is becoming acceptable is Nigeria, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and most European countries including Denmark, Germany, Poland.

These are just some of the few countries where CHRP certification demand is on the rise.

Current players in the CHRP Industry

Currently apart from some Canadian institutes, very few local level institutions are offering this certification worldwide. There is a dire need & growing demand for recognized bodies which are offering CHRP certifications in USA and most European countries.

What Does CHRP Certificate Contain?

First of all, a CHRP certification course has a very valid and core HR functional coursework which has to be studied. Some of the modules which you may find in a CHRP certification course outline may include

HR Administration
Training & Development
Recruitment and Selection
Compensation & Benefits
Exit Management & Policy Making

As you can see from the above outline that a CHRP certification targets core HR functions and knowledge areas, that is also one of the reasons why CHRP certification is in demand worldwide.

Employers know that when they hire a human resources professional who has a CHRP certificate then they can’t go wrong with their hiring decision. Often times those students who do an MBA or master’s in human resources management have a somewhat text bookish knowledge of human resources and
because of majors’ selections in their masters or MBA program there is a strong chance that the person they hire might not be a well-rounded human resource professional.

Easier routes to being CHRP Certified

The biggest trouble which human resources professionals face when they are on the lookout for a recognized certification in human resources is that they face a conundrum of issues such as getting their eligibility checked by various bodies, signing up for exams, paying extra and hefty fee’s at each step of the way. It is high time that the world moves on and a recognized online CHRP certification platform takes their place. In the current world where everything is easily accessible to all, the same should apply in the human resources industry.

Future of CHRP Certification

Most of the world is now online, everything is moving towards automation or disruption. A platform where people can sign up, study and the take the exam easily and at their will is the future of not only online CHRP certification but most certifications as well. Currently there are some platforms offering online CHRP certification, but their recognition will take some time.

CHRP Certification as an alternate route to avoid big shots. There are some big bodies currently who are dominating the HR certifications scene in the USA and the world at large, but because of their dominance they end up manipulating people who want to be certified. Why should getting a certification in HR be difficult? Because of this huge gap created by these bodies there are some very unique and brilliant online HR certifications platforms which are creating huge waves in this section CHRP acceptance

A question which most HR professionals ask when they are about to set on the journey to be HR certified is whether CHRP is accepted or not. First of all, CHRP is a certification which proves and establishes the credibility of any human resources professional that they have specialized knowledge
and skill set in the human resources field. At the same time acceptance of CHRP is solely on the companies which are hiring the human resources professional. As most companies publish their HR job vacancies, they might put a clause for hiring people with CHRP certification or they may not. It is not up to the issuing body to ensure that it is accepted anywhere. Canada is one country where CHRP certification is most in-demand. Many HR professionals from USA, Middle East, Africa and European countries are shifting to CHRP certification as well. And many online CHRP providing platforms are making it easier for them.

The notion of accreditation

Many HR professionals think that a certification has to be accredited. This is not the case. Accreditation is required for a degree or diploma, not for a certificate. A certificate generally requires that a person studies and takes an exam and if he or she clears that specific exam they can be certified by the institute or the platform where they are studying from. The biggest HR certification providing bodies are not accredited by anyone. They are just riding on their name and time spent in the business of issuing certifications.

Finally, the internet and this current era of technology and connectivity has proven to be a good sign for HR professionals as more and more online HR certifications platforms are taking birth and maturing making it easier for HR professionals to draw a road-map for their career progression through being certified.